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Thank you to everyone that voted, donated, helped, and prayed in support of this campaign. It was a blessing and a privilege to meet so many great patriots on the campaign trail. Our hopes for getting our country moving in the right direction ultimately lie with you, not the politicians. It was truly humbling to receive your votes and support, and to know that the message resonated with you. The campaign has ended, but the message remains. The website will remain active for a time.

This campaign ended March 4th, 2014 - Thank you for visiting the website

Open letter to the people of the 4th District...

The 4th District of Texas has a heritage; it has traditions, a culture, values, and a way of life.  A representative has two primary responsibilities. First, to uphold the Constitution, and within that framework, to protect the way of life of the district.  Unfortunately, these primary responsibilities aren't the primary focus of many in Congress today.  Washington, D.C. should be a shining tribute, a monument to the best visions of the founding fathers.  It has become a monument to corruption and incompetence.  This is a conservative district, and most of the people here understand that fiscal responsibility must be restored to Washington, that the limits of government have expanded beyond reason, and that the assaults on fundamental liberties must be confronted.   The Constitution of the United States is being treated like a footnote of history instead of the supreme law of the land.  A number of you are looking for a way to do something about these problems, and I'd like the opportunity to work with you to do just that.

There are a little over 700,000 people in the 4th District of Texas.  That's a lot of people for one person to represent.  When the Constitution was written, the authors determined that there would be one representative for every 30,000 people.  With the marvels of modern technology we can probably expand on that 30,000, but connecting 700,000 people with their representative in any meaningful way requires doing things a little differently.  Keeping our representative accountable to the people of the district requires that there be a connection between the two that goes  beyond the ballot box.  As your congressman, I will rely heavily on grassroots leaders throughout the district to help us stay connected to each other, to help keep me accountable to you, to help me stay aware of concerns and issues here at home, and to help get the message out about what is happening in Washington.

I sincerely believe that we live in historic times.  The direction of the future of our Republic is being decided now.  That direction will be decided by us, either through our complacency which allows things to continue in the wrong direction, or through the intentional action that we take together to correct the course.  The price of complacency is more than we can afford, but it is an inevitable price if we fail to rise to the challenge together. Please join me in this effort to fundamentally change politics, restore faith in our political process, and secure liberty for future generations.


Brent Lawson
Candidate for US House of Representatives
Texas 4th District

What part of "servant" do our public servants not understand?

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves;  do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.  
Philippians 2:3-4

Conservative Party USA - "Mr. Lawson exemplifies the constitutional, fiscal and social conservatism that our Founders intended for this great nation...America and the people of the 4th District need conservative Representatives like Brent Lawson."

OurLibertyElections.com - "...we find in Brent Lawson a man who is well spoken, educated, and experienced. He’s a man of faith who cares deeply for our nation.  We can no longer afford to send our second best to Washington.  In times like these we need more representatives like Brent Lawson."

North Texas Young Conservatives - "Brent Lawson will provide a conservative voice in Congress and will work hard to represent us properly."

Upshur County Conservative Coalition - "A Constitutional Conservative."

Rains County Today - "I have personally met with his (Hall's) challenger, Brent Lawson. Mr. Lawson is a true Conservative. He is a hard working, family man that would be an excellent representative in Congress. RCT endorses Brent Lawson."

A vision for changing politics...

The primary goal of this campaign is not simply to provide one more opportunity to change politicians. The primary goal of this campaign is to provide an opportunity to change politics.

  • Restore faith in the political process
    • Many patriotic Americans are giving up on the civic process. Engaging disillusioned conservatives is an essential element of addressing the political issues facing America.
  • De-emphasize politicians
    • Personality politics has led to a continuous, disappointing search for the right politicians to solve the political problems of the day. Reliance on heroes and champions must be replaced by reliance on an informed, empowered, and engaged electorate taking responsibility for the stewardship of liberty.
  • Enable political accountability at every level
    • Politicians are public servants, not saviors. When these public servants betray the public trust, the people must be effectively organized to provide accountability at every level of district politics.
  • Recognize what hasn't worked
    • Candidates and institutions have been offering top-down solutions to our nation's problems for decades. Relying on top-down solutions has proven to be a recipe for failure, and lost liberties.
  • Different results require a different approach
    • The fundamental problems with American politics will only be solved from the bottom up. This campaign is committed to enabling grassroots conservatives to reestablish the foundation of politics at the district level.
Working together at the district level...

The congressional district is the right level to begin repairing our political system. From the local school board to US representative, our congressional districts cover a wide variety of political offices and activities. The county based GOP, and independent grassroots conservative groups are ideally positioned to network together to address issues throughout the district without the need to create large institutions, or compromise on the unique passions of the individual groups.

Acknowledging the fact that many constitution-minded conservatives have become cynical about Party politics is a necessary part of understanding what it will take to correct the course of our nation. Dealing with issues of cronyism, and local political establishments that have lost touch with foundational principles may require assistance from beyond the local precinct or county.  Mechanisms for securing help from like-minded conservatives throughout the district are a necessity for maintaining a healthy political process at all levels of politics.

There is too much focus on National politics in America today, and not enough focus on what happens at the local level.  Nearly every day we hear about an out-of-control school administrator, mayor, judge, city council member or other local official. Unfortunately, we rarely hear of a satisfying resolution to these situations. This is a symptom of a serious problem with American politics. Constitutionally-minded conservatives are not effectively organized, empowered, or motivated. Concerned conservatives throughout the district must be equipped to help each other solve local problems.  Our representative must be engaged in that process.

A parallel political society has been allowed to form. Though it has a dramatic impact on the daily lives of the American people, the people generally have little influence over it. That goes against the founding principles of our Nation. This condition will only be overcome through the engagement, and participation of people that care deeply about American founding principles. Finding good candidates is important, but without the will and ability to hold those candidates accountable, simply identifying candidates is not enough.

The congressional district is the right level to begin repairing our political system. It is vital that representatives be committed to empowering their constituents with the long term capability to control their political destiny.


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